October Newsletter

Dear PACT members,
Don’t forget that October is Polish Heritage Month!  We at PACT hope that you take time to remember your Polish ancestors that have gone before you and appreciate  the rich and proud heritage that they have passed on to you.
PACT has been busy working on several projects for the coming months.  Included in these plans is the Wigilia celebration that we are planning for Sunday, December 13, 2009.  This is our first Wigilia celebration for our members and we are working to make this celebration as close to an authentic Polish Wigilia as possible.  If anyone has any suggestions for, or stories of  your own Christmas Eve celebrations that you observe, please e-mail us with these suggestions at info@polishcommunity.org.
We hope all of you can attend this Christmas Eve dinner.  It will be as close as possible to the ones that our ancestors had in the past.

Other projects we are working on are the presentation by Mrs. Peggy Grant, wife of renown artist, Adam Grant.  This presentation will be on Tuesday, November 17th , 6:30 p.m, at Ski’s Restaurant.  PACT is also working to get representatives from the Polish American Sports Hall of Fame to talk about the many popular athletes of Polish descent.  In early 2010, PACT is planning on having a casino day, which should be a fun event for everyone.  PACT is hoping that our members will be able to attend and volunteer for the casino event.  Also, we will need donations for the auction.  If you can donate items for the auction, or know someone or a business that would be able to donate items for our casino auction, contact us to help out!  We will be sending out more information about this event in the near future.  If you have any questions about these up-coming events, or have any  suggestions for other events that you would like to see, e-mail us at info@polishcommunity.com.


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