About PACT

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PACT is an acronym for the Polish American Community of Toledo. More specifically, we are a group of active and dedicated local Polish Americans that want to make our community stronger and more unified – similar to what other ethnic communities have done.

While you can read our specific goals in the Mission Statement, our overall objectives are to promote local businesses that are owned by men and women of Polish descent and to sponsor, promote and preserve many of the Polish traditions and culture that were given to us by our parents and grandparents.

We believe that if our generation does not complete the task of preserving our rich local Polish heritage, then the history of Khuschwantz, Lagrinka, Rossford and all the rest of Toledo Polonia may never be remembered by future generations.

If you are Polish and proud of it, then consider joining us in our mission. We invite you to join PACT and become an active member.