Mitch Garowlinski


Abducted from his family by the Nazis at the age of 8, he was starved, tortured and left for dead three times.  During his third capture, he was sent to an experimental hospital where cruel medical experiments were done on him.  The rest of his family – a brother, sister, and parents – were also captured and sent to different slave labor or concentration camps.

Mr. Garowlinski talks about his existence in this harsh environment, his escapes and about many of the memories that still live vividly in his mind.

He was a Polish-American child who lived through the violence of the Holocaust.

His family was tortured because they hid Jewish families from the Nazis.

He was an eye-witness to many atrocities in Poland and Russia.

He was captured, tortured, and experimented on in Nazi medical experimentation camps.

As a child, he worked with and scouted for the Polish Underground to fight the Nazis.

He escaped from the Nazi prison camps each of the three times he was captured.

He is the author of the book titled, “Silent Screams of a Survivor”.

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