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Polish Political Culture: Non-English Republican Tradition
Jaroslaw Szczepanski
10:00 – 11 :00 AM, Tuesday, February 8 Exclusively online www.Lourdes.edu/Lectures

Polish republicanism is a unique political philosophy that embodies both liberal and
conservative principles. It was developed independently from the better-known English
tradition which is still alive in American politics. Polish republicanism is rooted in fifteenth and
sixteenth century reforms of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and even the medieval Kingdom
of Poland. During this talk, institutions such as neminem captivabimus (the equivalent of English
habeas corpus) and ideal of representative government will be discussed, as well as the main
theoretical and philosophical foundations of Polish republicanism.

Jarostaw Szczepanski trained as a political scientist and lawyer and currently works
as an assistant professor from the University of Warsaw in Poland. He recently conducted
research at Ohio State University as a Fulbright Fellow. Dr. Szczepanski also founded an
independent think tank the Foundation Institute of Political Science in Poland.
Cost $16 for Members: $28 for Nonmembers

European Union in the time of Crisis: Internal Tensions and External Threats
Jarostaw Szczepanski
10:00 – 11 :00 AM, Wednesday, February 16 Exclusively online www.Lourdes.edu/Lectures

The third decade of the 21st century started violently in Europe. First, the outbreak of the
pandemic gave additional momentum for the populist forces, then tensions between Poland
and European institutions reached their peak. All those events were followed by a border crisis on
the Polish-Belarusian border – the next iteration of the hybrid war which is fought between Russian
and its allies and the EU. We will discuss the current situation and the outcome of the late 2021
events to give basic insight into compacted relations in the EU in a time of crisis.
Cost $16 for Members; $28 for Nonmembers

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