David Yonke Speech


On Wednesday, September 30th, Mr. David Yonke, Religion Editor at The Blade, shared his reporter’s view of the Fr. Robinson trial with a crowd of approximately 70 enthusiastic attendees at Ski’s Restaurant.  Mr. Yonke was the first person to break the story that police believed Fr. Robinson killed Sister Margaret Ann Pahl in a ritual murder.   His book, Sin, Shame and Secrets; The Murder of a Nun, the Conviction of a Priest, and Cover-Up in the Catholic Church was published in 2006.

Mr. Yonke’s presentation started at 7:15 PM and discussion ended at 9:00 PM.  Besides generating a lot of questions, which Mr. Yonke readily answered based on facts, many attendees offered comments and their personal experiences with Fr. Robinson that raised doubt about the conviction.  All in all, a fascinating evening.  Thank You, David.

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