Pisanki are eggs which are decorated by writing on them.  They can be divided into two main techniques; “batykowane” and “scrobane”.  Batykowane employs the use of a stylus and wax to draw on the eggs which are then placed in colored dyes.  Skrobane uses an egg which is first dyed a solid color and then the decoration is scraped or scratched into the shell.  There are three main motifs which are used in the decorating of pisanki.  They are geometric, such as dots, triangles, and crosses, floral, such as flowers, pine trees and poppies, and human and animals, such as reindeer, roosters, fish, birds and butterflies.

Pisanki were originally colored in dyes that were prepared from plant materials.  Even though chemical dyes are now produced for this purpose, many traditional pisanki artists in Poland still prefer to use the natural dyes.  The plant material was collected and was then boiled with a small amount of water until the desired shade was reached.  Before the dye was used for coloring the eggs, it was mixed with a small amount of vinegar to aid in the setting of the dye.  Some of the materials used in dye making are:

YELLOW – onion skins, straw, saffron

ORANGE – crocus, petals

RED – red beets, plums

GREEN – grass, moss, spinach

BLUE – sunflower seeds, logwood

PURPLE – blackberries

BROWN – alder cones, coffee

BLACK – walnut shells, alder bark


Toledo can be a happening place when you mix Polish people with pierogi, beer, kapusta, paczki and award winning kielbasa.  Throw in some great music and a few games and you have the recipe for a great time.  On Sunday, March 6th, that’s just what the Polish community in Toledo did.  People lined up well before 2:00 to make sure they had a place in line for dinner.  On hand was Mike Janiszewski, who recently won the title of Toledo’s “Kielbasa King”.  Mike made 150 pounds of his tasty kielbasa for the party.  Along with his kielbasa, delicious kapusta, and mizeria, made by Gayle Sparagowski of Ski’s restaurant were served.  Mike also fried up hundreds of potato and cheese pierogi for hungry appetites.

After dinner, everyone was treated to live music by the “Polka Zone”.  This top notch Polka band’s members are Ken Jankowski,  Larry Lipper, Mike Machcinski, Ron Przybylski, and Dick Zunkiewicz.  You couldn’t help but want to dance to their toe-tapping polka music and many did just that, including the very young in the crowd.
Adult games and children’s games were also available for those that felt a little lucky.
People who signed up as new PACT members were given a chance to win prizes.  New PACT members who won prizes were Tom and Anne Malicki, Charles and Linda Jennings, and Stephanie Gerus.
Thanks to all who came to PACT’s Pierogi, Piwo, Paczki and Polka Party.  A special thanks to all of the volunteers!